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10 areas to cover in a Marketing Strategy

In the throes of putting together a Marketing Strategy?  Here are 10 areas that could be covered:

1.  Review 
- of past activity.

2.  Objectives
both short and long term.

3.  Target Market
- who are you targeting? 

4.  Marketing Mix
- covering the '4 Ps' - Product/Service; Place; Price and Promotion.

5.  SWOT Analysis
- a report on the company's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats.

6.  Budget
- a detailed budget of how much you will spend overall and on each campaign.  Keep a little back for ad-hoc activity.

7.  Resources 
- an overview of the Company's resources for marketing - who's going to do what?

8.  Targets 
- what targets will you set for each campaign.

9.   Performance Indicators
- what indicators will be used to measure the strategy.

10.  Action Plan 
- who's going to do what and when. 

These 10 pointers will give you a good start when pulling together a strategy. We'd also recommend getting help and input from other departments, such as sales, R&D, finance, HR.  

Give it a 12 month timeline - any more than this then you might miss something by the time you come to review it and any less then you may be spending too much time on thinking, rather than doing!

For more detail on this or if you'd like help with developing a marketing strategy please contact us direct.