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Tips for Attending Networking Events

Attending networking events can be a daunting experience for some.  Last night, I ran a workshop in Aberdeen for Business Gateway on Networking, which looked at tips and techniques on networking and how to deal with awkward situations.  Here are 5 tips we discussed:  

1. Research
Do your research before attending any event.  Ask for a delegate list and review it before you go - check out who's attending and work out research who they are, what they do, what they look like and work out who you think you'd like to meet before you go.

2. No pressure
Try to take the pressure off taking the emphasis away from 'sales' and looking for opportunities instead.  Focus on other areas, such as: learning from others, doing market research, finding new employees, procurement and looking for joint working opportunities. 

3. Engage
Engage with people by asking open ended questions and listen carefully to what people have to say to keep the conversation flowing.  

4. Smile
"If you smile, the world will smile with you" - this is very true.  A smile is welcoming in a networking situation; it's a friendly gesture that people warm to and it will help to get you out of difficult situations.

5. Follow up
After the event, use social media to further engage with the people you met and follow up on any promises you make.  

If you'd like to find out more about networking and learn new tips on the experience, come along to our next workshop, which will be held in Aberdeen soon.  Visit for more information.